Assets of Community Value (ACV)

The Sir Ralph Abercromby

Manchester city council have decided that they will not accept the Sir Ralph Abercromby as an Asset of Community Value.  However, the developers of Jacksons Row have decided to withdraw their planning application.

It is unlikely that this planning application has been completely withdrawn and we expect them to come back with a reviewed application in the future.

Other Potential ACV

Representatives from the branch have held meetings with Manchester City council to discuss a list of pubs that we feel are in areas of possible development.

The council leaders have seen the list and have not, as yet, raised any objections. There was some surprise that other pubs, such as the Peveril of the Peak and Briton’s protection (and others), were not on the list for consideration as ACV.

However, we believe that as these are listed pubs, their protection is almost guaranteed.  Additionally, the recent passage of the Neighbourhood Planning bill (which should gain Royal Assent prior to the House dissolving), gives pubs more protection from redevelopment.

ACV ‘Block Booking’

Manchester City Council have conifirmed that there are no legal issues for CAMRA to submit a “block booking” of ACV.  This would save the time of both the council and CAMRA.  The pubs being considered in this bulk submission are:

  • Angel, 6 Angel Street
  • Band on the Wall, 25 Swan Street
  • Bar Fringe, 8 Swan Street
  • Burton Arms, 31 Swan Street
  • The City, 133 Oldham Street
  • The Font, 7-9 new Wakefield Street
  • Grand Central, 80 Oxford Street
  • Jolly Angler, 47 Ducie Street
  • Joshua Brooks, 106 Princess Street
  • Old Nags Head, 19 Jacksons Row
  • Seven Oaks, 5 Nicholas Street
  • Smithfield Market Tavern, 37 Swan Street
  • Thirsty Scholar, 50 new Wakefield Street
  • Unicorn, 26 Church Street
  • Wheatsheaf, 34 Oak Street


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