Revitalisation Project

Revitalisation ProjectThroughout its 45 year history CAMRA has seen many changes, some think there have been too many, others think there haven’t been enough.

The campaign is now taking a good, long, hard look at itself and asking “Do we need to change?” But it’s not just asking itself, it’s asking everyone!

So now’s the time to make yourself heard. Whether you’re a CAMRA member or not, your opinion matters!

Have a read of the Consultation Booklet, and take the survey, and make your voice count in what could well be the biggest change within CAMRA.

Sir Ralph Abercromby Saved

The Sir Ralph is saved from Neville’s Bulldozers


The historic pub has been spared demolition in Neville’s redesigned plans for the St Michael’s development.

The news comes a few months after Gary Neville asked to put the plans on hold due to ‘public outcry’ and admitting that the original plans were flawed.  The latest proposals will keep the Sir Ralph, which dates back to the time of the Peterloo massacre, as well as the historic facade of the Bootle St. Police station.

You can read the full article on the Manchester Evening News website: greater-manchester-news/sir-ralph-abercromby-pub-saved-13316813