Festival Beers

The festival committee are proud to announce the following beers will be available:

Brewery Beer ABV
Breweries in the Branch
Alphabet Charlie Don’t surf 3.5
Beatnikz Republic Session IPA Mosaic 4
Beatnikz Republic Grapefruit Wheat 5.3
Blackjack Farmhouse IPA 7
Blackjack Rakau 3.6
GasWorks Brew Bar Alma 5.3
Marble Pint 3.9
Marble Lagonda 5
Runaway NZ Pale 4
Runaway IPA 5.3
Shindigger Pils 4.1
Shindigger IPA 5.6
Six O Clock Zoigl 4.8
Track Sonoma 3.8
Track Metacomet 4.3
Breweries outside Branch
Anarchy Straight Jacket 3.6
Beer Nouveau Government Ale 3.7
Brass Castle Bad Kitty 5.5
Brass Castle Hoptical Illusion (Gluten Free) 4.3
Brewsmith Oatmeal Stout 5.2
Brewsmith NZ Pale 4.2
Brightside Manchester Red 3.8
Brightside B-Side 4.2
Hardknott Intergalactic Space Hopper 5.2
Hawkshead Cumbria 5 Hop 5
Hawkshead Iti 3.5
Hophurst Cosmati 4.2
Irwell Works Breadcrumbs (Gluten Free) 3.6
Mallinsons Daniella 4.5
Mallinsons Nelson Sauvin 3.5
Moor Nor Hop 4.1
Northern Monk Striding Edge 3
Offbeat Summer of Beer 4.4
Offbeat Blackberry Mild 3.8
Origami Arctic fox 7
Outstanding Hallelujah Rye 4.2
Outstanding Dawn Chorus Oatmeal 3.7
Pictish Ginger 3.9
Pictish Equinox 4.2
Pig and Porter Lost Colony 4.8
Rammy Craft Stellar IPA 3.6
Rammy Craft Titch 3.6
Red Willow Wreckless 4.80
Red Willow Weightless 4.20
Rivington Brew Co Sunset Strip 4.2
Se7en Brothers Nectarine infused Session craft (McrBeerWeek) beer 3.8
Se7en Brothers Honeydew Melon double IPA 7.4
Serious Brewing Moonlight Stout 4.5
Squawk Pale 4.5
Stringers Turbine Porter (Gluten Free) 5.1
Stringers The North (Gluten Free) 3.7
Stringers Yellow Lorry 4
Strubborn Mule Single Hop IPA 5.7
Strubborn Mule Absolute Banker US Pale 4.7
Thirst Class Ghost Juice 4.6
Thirst Class Hoppy Couple 6.2
Thornbridge Pollards 5
Thornbridge Wye (cucumber) 4.7
Tiny Rebel




Bread & Butter





We have a few others up our sleeve too which we hope to confirm soon so watch this space…