Beer List

We set out to do something different with the beer order for the Left Bank Beer Festival. All the breweries involved are from Greater Manchester (or have very close ties to it), and rather than ordering our favourite beers, we asked the brewers to supply their favourites. As such, it’s not what you might expect.

Down the beer list here!


Brewery Beer ABV% Style
Bank Top Dark Mild 4% Mild
Bank Top Pavillion 4.5% Golden Ale
Beer Nouveau Challenger 4.2% Pale Ale
Beer Nouveau JWL XXX 6.3% Strong Ale
Black Edge Blonde 4.5% Pale Ale
Black Jack Jaberwocky 4.1% Pale Ale
Black Jack Beginners Luck 5% IPA
Bootleg Urban Fox 4.2% Red Rye
Brewsmith Amarillo 3.8% Pale Ale
Brewsmith Oatmeal Stout 5.2% Stout
Brightside Maveric 4.8% IPA
Brightside Manchester Skyline 4.6% Golden Ale
Cloudwater Bitter 4.3% Bitter
Cloudwater Pale 3.9% Pale Ale
Cryptic Ghost 3.8% Mild
Deeply Vale DV8 4.8% Stout
Dunham Massey Summer Meader 4.3% Pale Ale
Dunham Massey East India Pale Ale 6% IPA
Dunscar Bridge Best Bitter 4.1% Bitter
Dunscar Bridge Blissful Blond 5%
First Chop POP 5.4%
Fool Hardy Risky Blond 4.4%
Fool Hardy Reckless Dnager 5%
Green Mill On The Tiles 4.8%
Greenfield Golden Citrus 4%
Hay Rake Early Dawn
Holy Well Holy Citra 5.1%
Hophurst 50 Gyle 4.4% IPA
Hydes Lowry 4.7% Golden
Irwell Works Costa Del Salford 4.1% Pale
Lees MPA 3.8% Pale
Leydon Nanny Flyer 3.8% Pale
Marble Manchester Bitter 4.2%
Marble Howgate & Kemp 6.4%
Manchester Brewing Co Wolf in the Willows – Rakau 7.4% IPA
Manchester Brewing Co Wolf in the Willows – Mosaic 6.2% IPA
Millstone True Grit 5% Bitter
Origami Raspberry Wit 5.2% Raspberry Wheat Beer
Outstanding Alpha Rye 5.7% Rye
Pictish Siren 4.1% Wheat
Pictish Summer Solstice
Prospect Nutty Slack 3.9% Mild
Prospect Silver Tally
Quantum American Light 3.6% Pale
Quantum Aus Colab 6.3% IPA
Robinsons Dizzy Blond 3.8%
Serious Brewing Summer 3.9%
Seven Bro7hers Session Pale 3.8% Pale Ale
Six O’Clock Brew Co Uber Time
Stockport Stockporter 4.8% Porter
Stockport Cascade
Swindlers Neck It 3.9% Pale
Thirst Class Penny Black 6.5% Black IPA
Thirst Class Stocky Oatmeal Stout Oatmeal Stout
Tickety Brew Jasmine Green Tea 3.8%
Torrside Sandinista! 7% IPA
Tweed Hopster Pale
Wilson Potter Don’t Fall 3.9% Pale Ale
Wilson Potter Rum In The Black 4.2% Stout
Wily Fox Molton Gold 4.3% Pale


Brewery Beer ABV% Style
Brussels Beer Project Babylon 6.5%
Beerbliotek In With The New 8%
Beerbliotek Single Hop Mosaic 6.5%
Beerbliotek What’s The Difference Between Marmalade & Jam? 3.0%
Brasserie de la Senne Brusseleir 8%
Brasserie de la Senne Jambe de Bois 8%
Brasserie de la Senne Stouterik 4.5%
Brasserie de la Senne Zinnebir 5%
De Molen Heksen & Trollen/White Witch 6.5%
De Molen Op & Top 4.9%
De Molen Vuur & Vlam 6.2%
Oedipus Baby Lounge 3.6%
Oedipus DoDo 5%
Oedipus Mama 5%
Oedipus Mannenliefde 6%
Oedipus Marionet 7%
Oersoep En Garde! 6%
Oersoep Wild at Heart 6.5%
Omnipollo Ellis Mango Pils 5.2%
Omnipollo Esperanto 6%
Omnipollo Leon 6.5%
Omnipollo Magic #3.5 3.5%
Omnipollo Mazarin 5.6%
Omnipollo Olympus Mons 8%
Omnipollo Zodiac 6.2%
Uiltje Me, Myself & IPA 8%


Producer ABV%
Dunham Cider Press Dry 6.4%
Green Valley Speyside 8.3%
Madhatters Ginger 6.0%
Madhatters Farting Dog 6.5%
Moss Cider Project & Hogans Many Hands 5.5%
Red Bank Strawberry 5.0%
Red Bank Early Harvest 7.0%
Rich’s Dunkerton’s Late Sweet 6.0%
Rosies Perfect Pear 6.0%
Rosies Triple D 6.5%
Ross-on-Wye Dabinett & Foxwhelp 6.0%
Ross-on-Wye Perry 6.0%
Sida Maxonian Mist 6.5%
Snailsbank Strawberry & Lime 4.0%
Snailsbank Rhubarb 4.0%
Snailsbank Very Perry 4.5%
Snailsbank Pigsqueal 7.0%