A Great Beer Festival!

The second beer festival that the Branch has run was at 53Two, a new, small theatre and event venue opposite Britons Protection, under the Metrolink bridge that runs alongside Manchester Convention Centre (ex GMEX)  – it used to be the old Baur & Millet Car Showroom some years ago
We can say that the event was a success with just 7% of the cask beers remaining at the end of the night and amongst those a selection of some 17 beers (of 73 we started with) still standing! We also had 4 food stalls selling their wares with Beehive Foods’ Scotch Eggs of various sorts (including a full English Breakfast), Just the Cheese, Oddfellows Chocolate and Howdah Snacks with their intriguing take on various Indian snacks.  All very good,   Plus, of course, a selection of various Ciders and Perrys and the odd cocktail or two!
Everybody enjoyed the venue which has a very eclectic feel to it.  With the sun cracking the flags on Saturday afternoon many of our customers sat outside in the sun enjoying their beers and ciders.  A great few days meeting many friends old and new.
Will we be back?  We certainly hope so but in the growing economy of the City of Manchester there are plans to utilise the venue as part of a new shopping centre and accommodation complex.  So, we may be back at this venue, if not we will just have to find another one, somewhere!

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