Do you fancy being best mates with a brewery?

Fancy speaking directly to a Brewer on a fairly regular basis? Getting to know more about what they brew, how much the brew and getting to know what makes them tick?

You could do so by becoming a Brewery Liaison Officer (BLO)!

What is a BLO? – basically the link person between CAMRA and the Brewer by providing details of the Brewery and the beers produced.

These details go into CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide (GBG) and will form part of the Brewery section at the back of the book. Occasionally, the brewer may invite you to try out a new beer they are thinking of producing. With lots of new Breweries popping up all over Manchester we have several BLO Vacancies. If you fancy having a go then contact:

Current vacancies

  • Dan’s Brewery in North West Street (next door to Alphabet Brewery)
  • Gasworks Pub Brewery in the First Street complex.
  • Vagrant Brewery – an unusual one this as they “cuckoo brew” in other brewer’s premises!

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