Young Members National Forum and AGM

In October we will be holding the first ever Young Members Forum. The YMF is our new flag-ship event to debate and promote the views, ideas and issues that affect young members across the Campaign, as well as develop our actions for promoting CAMRA to potential new members.

The event is being held at the Ned Ludd in Nottingham on 14 October 2017, between 2-4pm to coincide with the beer festival being held at the castle. We’ve had some great support from the local branch and those who attend the Forum and AGM will also receive:
• A gate pass to get into the festival and beat the queue
• Beer tokens for a free pint once inside

What we’re looking to achieve is to begin a dialogue between young members across the country and ensure that our views are considered when the future of the Campaign is debated. The Young Members Working Group is set-up to represent those views and report them directly to the Membership Committee and the National Executive.

This is our opportunity to shape the future of the Campaign for the next generation of drinkers. But it is also an opportunity for you to join the Young Members Working Group and have a hand in that future. Regional Young members Co-ordinators are automatically members of the group, but it is
open to anyone to join. We have just one formal meeting a year, our Forum and AGM, and conduct the rest of our business via email and Discourse. We also elect our National Young Members Chairman at our AGM. Whilst I intend to stand again, I would encourage anyone who has an interest in standing to do so and ensure we have a fair and democratic selection.

Finally, please share this event with as many members as you can. I would love to have a strong turnout and hear as many ideas as possible. If you cannot attend, please get in touch via email: and let me know your thoughts. You can also read my own views in this month’s What’s Brewing, under Volunteer Voice.